Events, uh huh...

When you really need to strut your stuff (and who doesn't?) why not get the masterfully inventive creatives that crank out the hottest large-scale lollapalooza in the industry? Enjoy seriously tasty concepts, cinematic and thematic wizardry, and raucously rockin' main shows—all in one blissful package filled with must-have event accessories such as other-worldly shopping environments, wickedly stylish VIP black tie affairs, and so much more, we can barely contain ourselves for another minute.

We'll drag out all our goodies to create your sumptuous fragrance rollout, perfect product launch, or high-energy runway show—and make it a fabulous success. Check out Jared Gold's Czarina, the closing hit of LA's Fashion week in March 2008, with an on-the-road reprise in May (when filmed by Hearst for reality TV) Look for Jared Gold's newest runway extravaganza early in 2009. Scroll down and viddy the view... then download the PDF for photos and details on involvement!