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The way we see it, you're hiring us to hit the target for you. Your demographic target. Sometimes, as you may have discovered, the most obvious way may not be the best way at all. The path to success may be something...an idea...media...an opportunity you've never thought of, or even know about. Our recipe for success? We get our team of strategists and designers, writers, dreamers and schemers (creatives) together, then toss gently with our amazing tools, cool ideas, napkin sketches and of course, the secret sauce. Then we create an ingenious plan, a structure to achieve your goals. We leverage the potential of the web, of alternative media, of the whole global marketplace—just for you. We've even created new, and frankly fabulous marketing products nobody else has to help our clients get their message to the masses worldwide, or to a very select group, or just around the corner. It is, after all, a moving target. We focus on all or part of a strategy, but like to put the steel up first so we know what we're building...so we can leverage today's marketing investment against tomorrow's objectives, increasing the overall value of the effort. A structure for tomorrow that you can start on today. What a great idea.

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