Fullnelson Media Presents ViralDownlinerand ViralXpress

Welcome to the latest innovation in viral marketing! Using the very latest in mobile technologies, Fullnelson has brought together a group of talented techs and marketing masters to produce a new hybrid business tool that motivates everyone to share your product with their friends. The best news is that we've made these two marketing products, ViralDownliner™, and ViralXpress™, easy to use, highly addictive, and infinately scalable—adapting to the needs of your growing business!

How ViralDownliner™ Makes Businesses Big Money

Built for the direct-selling industry, ViralDownliner™ optimizes how people live, work and play inside the wireless global ecosystem—through clicking, texting, blogging and chatting. Using mobile phones, your associates can now share your product or system—and teach it immediately without uncomfortable barriers of "having to ask" someone to attend a meeting. Using ViralDownliner, everyone will want to ask anybody they can access to find out about your product, and buy it at least once.

Imagine the first meeting your people schedule in a room filled with excited friends who have already signed up... and are anxious to find out more. These new clients have already ordered their first sample pak or auto-ship—and many of them will already have sign-ups under them! The job your associates have now is to upsell, incentivize and motivate. Simply put, ViralDownliner™ is the best Sales Tool ever invented for direct sales, because it takes away the uncertainty, the barriers, and dramatically shortens the time to adoption by leveraging technology and time-honored marketing principles to get in "under the radar" and hook almost anyone receiving a communication from an associate.

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